Busy, Busy In Paradise!

There is hardly a person who visits our beautiful Bodhi Khaya, who doesn’t leave saying how idyllic it seems. How wonderful it must be to live here. I smile when they says this. In my heart I know exactly what they mean. And I feel the echo of agreement.  I remember feeling just that way every time I visited for a retreat.

Make no mistake, it is wonderful to live in this lovely place.  Being a great believer in gratitude, I say thank you as often as I remember to. Which I am sure can never be enough.

I have written more than once too of the wonderful team who share this space. One person who has not featured yet, is young Tom Van Der Poel.  He has been with us for a couple of months now and is a great addition to our merry band. Tom is a mushroom expert, superb cook and has even entertained us with some fire blowing, no less.


Tom firing on all cylinders


He is primarily here to look at making our farm as viable as possible. The garden is flourishing under his loving care. We are even able to offer fresh vegetables and herbs for sale in our shop at the end of some retreats.  A practice which Miranda started and which promises to be an on going and growing project.

He and David also had great fun recently harvesting some of our very own honey. David was a real sight in his beekeeper’s suit loaned from our neighbours , Grootbos. I must admit to being just a wee bit apprehensive as the menfolk blithely ventured forth mumbling phrases like: “ I am sure we can figure it out..”

And they surely did and were inordinately proud to hand Georgina, the owner of Bodhi Khaya, a bottle of the first of our special fynbos nectar.

Tom is truly a multi-talented fella .  Besides experimenting with his beloved mushrooms, getting to know the livestock (and diverse wildlife), he has also been investigating herbs and all sorts of decadent  bath concoctions with a view to eventually stocking some lovely Bodhi Khaya branded natural products in the expanding shop. He makes the most delicious tea – fresh from the garden. My personal favourite is the spearmint.  

It is great to have Tom with us because the last couple of weeks have been really busy.  Back-to-back retreats for almost the whole of March.   A wonderful variety of teachers and retreatants have graced us with their presence. The Walkerbay Fynbos Trail is also taking off . We now have regular hikers visiting and spending a night with us as part of hiking adventures arranged by our neighbours, Sean and Michelle Privett.  A wonderful dream come true.

Yes, indeed, it has been busy, busy in paradise. We are firing on all cylinders.  And more to come in April.