Fringe benefits

There are many benefits to living at a retreat centre like Bodhi Khaya. You have the opportunity to live close to nature; drink a raw food smoothie made from the veggies in our organic garden, and participate in wonderful courses. There are so many fringe benefits.

One of the things I love best about my new home is the meditation hall. Every morning I get to sit in silence in a space filled with the energy of years of meditation. It is with reverence that I leave my school shoes outside the door as a gesture of respect when I enter. I had bought the school shoes just before I came here. They are a constant reminder to be open to learning new things, and to learn to live in the moment.

I have learnt so much already. As a newcomer to living in community at a retreat centre, I am amazed and awed by the skillful way David and Chantel are able to sit with situations, thereby allowing them to unfold in the most synchronistic and seemingly effortless fashion. They take action from a place of centredness and calm which is inspiring to behold. And should any one of us experience a slight wobble for whatever reason, the others hold the space. I am most grateful for this feeling of being held while I learn the ropes. And grateful for the fun and lightness that we share during our meals and in our daily tasks.

I have been practising this new way of being in the world. I must be ready to work this way myself, because here I am – at this wonderful place and part of this team.

After morning meditation, as we venture out to greet the day, I bow to this beautiful serene space. I put on my school shoes and surrender to what the day may teach me.

Perdita Van Dijk Du Bois