Books Abound

At breakfast this morning, David and I wondered what to write about for our blog this week.  Spring came up for both of us simultaneously, which made us giggle.  We do plenty of that at Bodhi Khaya!

I suspect he walked the possibility while busy on the grounds.  He strolled in a meditative fashion along the road that leads past the pastures and I fully expected him to return complete with pearls of wisdom ready for publication.

Back in the office though, the answer presented itself! We received correspondence from Bruce Relly whose book we are selling in our beautiful, little shop (which is growing- almost daily – under the loving care of Chantel).

Photo: Courtesy of Hendrik - Synchronicity and books abound at Bodhi Khaya

Called “ 2nd Fire – a fresh approach to healing” the book with it’s lovely, creative cover has been calling to be read. The description on the back gives one a taste:

“ This provocative book offers an unsentimental solution to suffering: in it the author rearranges medical priorities to match Nature’s ancient, even-handed , logical and essentially simple formula for spiritual growth… and the healing that goes with it. The main challenge is to fully realize we are individually responsible for all our past, present and future experiences…”

Dale Sanders (Chicago, IL) who rated this as one of the Best General Philosophy Books on 25 July 2011 for Amazon (Kindle Books) said:

“The title intrigued me, but the book captured me. As a healthcare executive, disillusioned with modern western medicine, I was expecting a book that focused on alternative medicine and the role of spirituality in physical health. While it is certainly that, the book is much, much more. This is one of the best general philosophy books I’ve ever read…

…Grand leaps of spiritual or religious faith which lack congruent arguments tend to raise my easily raised cynicism. But I also realize that science and math can, as we so far understand them, describe only a portion of our existence and, in fact, the best of modern science only raises more questions about the role of personal humanity in the universe. I don’t expect any branch of science in our near future– certainly not modern healthcare– to fully explain the purpose of our human existence or the role and origins of suffering…

…Mr Relly blends the rigor of analysis from an accomplished scientist/geologist, with many years of humble introspection, to produce one of the best books I’ve read in many years. He walks with the hand of science up to its logical point of departure, then releases and escorts the reader into the realm of humanity that science and medicine cannot yet address… As I read the book, I would occasionally pause for contemplation– and more than once, I was left with a feeling that Mr Relly had somehow managed to extract the eons of knowledge held in the geology that he studied.”

Dale ended his review with a comment about synchronicity.  Something, along with books, that abounds here at Bodhi Khaya.

Perdita Van Dijk Du Bois